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You are an elder god, sealed away and buried deep underground.

Far above you a group of followers arrive and seek your guidance.

Can you lead them through the ages and escape your prison?

This is a short mostly text based game for the 5th Extra Credit Game Jam. The theme was Passage, and my take on it was the passage of time, as well as the physical passage (tunnel) that your followers have to dig to reach you.

NOTE: There are two versions of the game, one with scripted events and one with randomized events. I feel the one with scripted events is more polished and flows better, but the other version is longer and has more replayability (the latter is also a bit easier). Please pick the one you think is better suited for you!

---- CONTROLS----

Mouse or arrows to select

Enter or left click to confirm

R to restart

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorShenTzu Games
TagsNarrative, Short, Text based


Awakening (Scripted Events) 97 MB
Awakening (Randomized Events) 97 MB

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I really liked this game. I won the scripted one on my second try, but what really sealed it for me was the ending(which I won't spoil here). This game is unrefined, not terribly complex, and the story is ok. But it has heart, humour, and, most importantly, fun. This might be one of my favorite games from the jam even though it is the video game equivalent of a kid's sock puppet show. 11/10 stars.

Super cool concept, amazing narrative, interesting design! I feel the scripted one is really hard, didn't manage to win XD But it really transmits that feeling of being a god, guiding your people trough the eras! I must slumber now! Meow!