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You are the commander of a fleet in a dying galaxy. An innumerable swarm of aliens are approaching, and all attempts to stop them have failed. 

Your final duty is to evacuate as many people as possible. With what remains of your fleet, save as many refugees as you can before the swarm reaches the inhabited systems. Once the aliens reach a system, all you can do is buy as much time as possible for more people to escape before it is completely infested.

How many can you save?


This is a short replayable game that acts as a proof of concept for a game idea. I haven't decided what I'll do with it yet, but I figured I'd release this and see how everyone likes it. Please give it a try and leave a comment, thank you!

Use arrow keys and enter to control the menus, otherwise it's mostly mouse controls.


Infested Skies.zip 26 MB

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