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DISCLAIMER: This is not a full game. This is not even a demo.  This is a short, silly playable prototype designed to demonstrate the gameplay of my in development game Neo Edda.  It is made with random assets I had lying around, and the real game will most likely look much different. Feel free to leave any thoughts, comments, and criticisms you may have. Hope you have some fun with it!

The sheep have risen up in revolt! They have taken up arms (somehow) and now follow a giant sheep who calls himself "La Grande Sheep".  Fight your way to La Grande Sheep and put an end to the rebellion!

---- CONTROLS ----

W/A/S/D to move

Mouse aim, left click to shoot selected magic power (consumes mana)

Space for melee attack

1, 2, 3 to select magic power

Right click to shield (knocks back enemies)

Shift while moving to leave a clone and dash in the direction you're moving (enemies will shoot at/chase the clone while it's there)

H to use a global attack that targets all enemies in the map

Q to drink a health potion

T to drink a mana potion

E to interact

F5/F9 to quicksave/quickload (saves in/loads active save slot)

ESC to see menu

M to see map


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